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Tap the “Browse” tab at the bottom of iPhone screen, or look under the Browse sidebar on iPad. Tap the “”. More icon, it looks like three dots in a row and is shown in our screenshot. Tap “Connect to Server.” from the options. Now you need to enter the network address of the SMB share that you want to connect to.
Hi, I am considering upgrading for FreeNAS 9.3 to 11.3 but the only thing holding me back is slow SMB speed to my Windows 10 PC. With 9.3 I get about 600 MBytes/s but when I install 11.3, SMB performance drops to about 150-200MBytes/s. I tried benchmarking my pool with dd and it was getting the usual 600MB/s so I tried enabling FTP and it was ...
Both folders are shared on the network by both NFS and SMB. Until recently, I was using a Linux Mint desktop PC (via SMB) to transfer files between the two folders. However, I realised that this was a slow way of doing things for two reasons (I think - let me know if this is wrong): 1. SMB is slower than NFS and 2.
Search: Catalina Smb Issues. I'm sure the virtual machine isn't an issue--this worked in Mint 11 on a VM to Catalina my 2016 15" Macbook Pro had no issues connecting to these shares using smb After the upgrade to catalina I can no longer connect to the network shares Wait for a point release, particularly a “ View historic property details, photos, street view and. Inside
Steps to reproduce Mount an external storage (SMB / CIFS ).The mounted tree consist of some hundred files When trying to access the fies from browser, scrolling down gets slower and slower...